Multibody Dynamic Simulation Engineering Team Member

Role Overview

As a multi-body dynamic simulation engineer, you will be responsible for MBS model buildup, validation, and correlation and continuously update the model during the development of the vehicle.


  • Develop and evaluate tire, suspension, steering and brakes subsystem models in Adams.
  • Perform vehicle simulation model validation and correlation
  • Evaluate suspension kinematic and contact patch compliance.
  • Develop test plans and provide support for driver-in-the-loop simulator tests
  • Using simulation to tune the system to satisfy the requirements of vehicle dynamics (steering, handling, acceleration, and braking), NVH, and ride comfort.

Basic Qualifications:

  • In depth knowledge of vehicle suspension, motion kinematics, and overall function of the system.
  • Experience in MSC Adams is preferred
  • Excellent understanding of vehicle dynamics principles.
  • Solid background of mechanics, kinematics, and vibration.

Keywords: Vehicle dynamics Multi-body analysis Simulink Kinematics