Vehicle Dynamics Engineering Team Member

Role Overview

Will develop vehicle modelling simulation tools to be tested on the DIL simulator. Gather characterization data for relevant vehicle systems. Help validate aero and powertrain models. Contribute to development of vehicle dynamics simulation platforms (debug and validate tools). Support rig testing to characterize systems: suspension kinematics and compliance, center of mass, inertia, shaker, wind tunnel, etc. Help to create rig and track test plans, attend tests, and create reports.


Responsibilities include design, produce, maintain, and refine mathematical software models and analysis tools for the purposes of vehicle performance simulation and optimization for high performance race vehicles.

Basic Qualifications

  • processing and analysis of time-series data in time, frequency, and spatial domains (visualization, signal processing), using MATLAB or Python.
  • experience in developing control systems using Simulink (preferred).

Keywords: Lap time analysis Vehicle dynamics Simulink Optimumg